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The Way Ahead

Posted by Categories: News
The Way Ahead

Strathnairn Community Benefit Fund (SCBF) is pleased to announce that a review of the Fund, by Foundation Scotland, has now been completed, and a report is being published online. The report has been endorsed by SCBF.

On the 20th June 2017, the report will be made available for the Strathnairn community.


In August 2016, SCBF commissioned Foundation Scotland to carry out a review of the Fund. The Board felt that, after 13 years of operation, the time was right to consider whether SCBF remains fit for purpose. The review was to consider, amongst other things, an examination of its governance, operating arrangements and overall approach to distributing funds.

The review was also to make recommendations to improve SCBF, and to enable SCBF to make more effective use of the funds that it has.

Report To Be Available To Community

Foundation Scotland have prepared a report detailing their findings. This report is being published for the community to inform residents about the options for the future direction of SCBF.

The Next Step

SCBF is committed to implementing the recommendations in the report, where it is possible to do so. A community consultation will be held in July 2017. It will help guide SCBF and SNCC in fulfilling recommendations of the report concerned with governance, structure and strategy.

More details are given in the foreword of the report.


Your copy of the report can be downloaded from the documents section of this website.

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